Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To Serve and Protect

The kids are really loving our Community Helpers unit! Karol asked me this morning, "Who do we get to be today?" I told her a clue was at her table and this is what she found:

A Police Officer "catching" a robber. I used this for cutting practice, but it would also be good for tracing.
Once they all figured out we were going to do "police work" they began a conversation that led to "bad guys" and action heroes. It was just too cute! After our morning meeting we sat down at the Car Carpet to watch the show Calliou the Police Officer (click here to see the video). It was a great way to open a new discussion about ways Police Officers can help us and not just catch the "bad guys".
For our lesson I made a list of how Police Officers help us. The kids answered things like helping us across the street, being a signal when the lights do not work and as someone safe to go to for help. I also incorporated some Stranger Danger awareness. Baylee and Devynn performed a short skit as a stranger trying to lure a kid walking home from school alone into a car.  Baylee (the stranger) asked Devynn (the kid) to help her find her puppy. We then discussed all the things the kids  should and should not do in this situation. The students also pointed out all the right things Devynn did.
The Skit
I followed up with reading this book, Stay Away from Strangers and reminding them to call 911
We made Police badges:
And made a Finger Print safety card (parents you are encouraged to complete the information on this card and keep it with your child's vital records):
Our morning recess was welcomed after such a busy start! My oldest daughter Baylee is an enthusiast
volleyball player. She was excited the kids wanted to learn some basic skills. They all took turns bumping the ball back and forth. 
It was then back to the grind with reading groups and centers.
Kinder Prep group reviewing the Mm chant we learned last week.
Their job was to fill in the missing M's and trace all other m's.
More Mm sorting

Kids working on M for marshmallow.

More 911 dialing practice. I promise I keep stressing this is ONLY for emergencies!

Reading some of the literature I introduced earlier in class.
Since I have been doing most of the blogs during nap time we have not finished all of today's activities. Later we are doing a blue collage and looking at our fingerprints with a magnifying glass. The older girls are also going to attempt to teach the kids how to play Clue Jr.  I will try to remember to add those pictures later!
***** Thank you Maggie for sending in boxes today! *****

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