Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cause you Gotta Have Friends

Do your kids come home and sing? You know, those songs that are kind of choppy and you are desperately trying to decipher what they are saying? I thought so... this clip shows my Friday kids singing their heart's out to The Number Rock. It is their favorite (this week). I am sure if you push play and they are standing near by, they will break out and sing along!

Honestly, as I sat down to write out our past week and everything we did I found myself hitting a road block. Which seems to be happening a lot lately when I write! So for inspiration I like to blog hop. I end up spending hours pouring over blogs, reading updates on friend's blogs, catching up on the news and even getting sucked into the mundane world of Facebook. Then the muffle of little voices from our classroom pulls me back into reality and I realize all I have on my blog page are these wonderful pictures, which I am almost positive many of you don't mind seeing just that! 

But in my last ditch effort I did stumble across an interesting blog entitled It's latest entry had the the question below:

 What will your children be grateful for when they look back on their childhood?

 As with many of you I have my own list of hopes and dreams of what I would want etched into their memory. But as I think back to my own childhood, with it's abundant wealth of memories, I recall the most precious part of my life was my family and my friends. 

And of course to truly appreciate a friend at the tender age of 2, 3 or 4 you have to know what that means!
Ms Jaymee to class: "What is a friend?" 
Ella, "I don't know, I don't have any friends!"
"I am sure you have friends Ella. Look around our class, who do you like to play with?"
"Well sometimes I play with Prestton. We play cars." Ella
Prestton, "You play cars with me El-wa?"
"Yeah Prestton. We like cars." Ella.
"Me too guys! Do you wanna play?" Karol.
"Come on! Let's go guys!" Trynnity. 
"Cause we will always be best friends. Right Trynnity?" Karol.
"Right! Best friends forever!" Trynnity.
(pretend to insert photo here of that moment! I was dictating...sorry!) 

However,  I did get pictures of us making our friendship necklaces (below) and the final exchange (above).

Independent time is always good too! We all need a little down time on our own. It helps us to appreciate those friends a lot more. 
Rose painting with watercolors.
Joey engaging in shaving cream art.

Morgan completing puzzles.
Ella making the letter Gg with playdough mats.
Danny doing a Kumon maze.
Trent partaking in ABC matching.

Trynnity making a block tower.

At the end of the day though you gotta have friends! They are there to help you out when you get stuck counting out "gumballs" for your gumball machine.
They praise you when you do a job well done. 
(Joey correctly colored his sight word "the"! Worksheet from 1+1+1blogspot)

They support you during reading group time (and provide a good chat about whose house you will be going over to play with later).

Let's face it, life is just a little more interesting, a little more fun and a little more memorable with friends!
"Prestton I like your coloring!" Ella. 

Footnote: the letter Gg was part of this week's curriculum. We also worked on the number 2, patterns and of course our theme was FRIENDSHIP!

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