Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Little Something

 My favorite part of teaching younger children is the fact that most of what we do is new to them or is a "first". Whether it is a first time being able to read a word, go to the bathroom or taste a new food, their expressions are priceless! And what they may not have liked yesterday or don't like at home does not hold true at school. They are (for he most part) risk takers and get excited about new things. Of course if it turns out to be something they really dislike, then we ALL know. They share this bit of information quickly and it spreads like wild fire through the classroom. Then NO ONE wants to touch or do what ever it is that is at hand.
 But someone has to be the first to take the plunge... and in this case Clark does just that rather happily. After each student took their graceful dive into the unknown our results looked like this:
 Not too bad for a new little something!
 Of course we always follow up with an even more intriguing activity, such as GREEN paint! Seriously, who doesn't want to be covered in this stuff when they are 4?!?!

 ... o.k. maybe this does not hold true when you are 2...
 But add a snazzy little jingle like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (I know they sing it at home to you!) and they are all smiles!

 Our coconut trees complete with letters, coconuts and special hand print leaves.

 Not only are the things new that the kids do at school, but so are many of their friends. For most little ones this is their first time away from mom or dad. Many kids have not interacted with other children outside of family members or parent's friends. It is their first school! And what better way to get acquainted then to talk about themselves; it is a favorite past time here at DBP (All About Me Bags where a HUGE success! To see the archive of pictures please join our DBP group on Facebook)

 To keep things interesting we also like to play with our food. Or in keeping with a more professional  stance, we explore the alphabet through our senses:
1. See the letter
2.  Feel the letter
3.  Hear the leter
4.  Write the letter
5.  TASTE the letter

They really do love it!

 And then they saw MORE GREEN...
 Once we made 3 batches of green play dough we did more letter formation and cut outs (notice THAT expression; Jovanni!)
In all reality we do actually work (and learn, and grow, and explore, and become independent, and BLOOM).
 The results can be as concrete as a piece of paper that they have just read all by themselves for the first time. Where they colored each picture the right color and circled the sight word (the) they just learned. (Karol)
 Or the satisfaction on their face when they discovered the letter we are learning about... (Jayden)

It's all in a days "work".

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