Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Day 2 of Community Helpers was focused on Doctors and Nurses.  Since many of the kids in this group are not here on Mondays we did a short introduction to Who are the People in your Neighborhood from Sesame Street circa 1977. There were several versions of this song on You Tube with Bob McGrath and the kids were absolutely transfixed. 

Community Helper puzzle match at centers today

Afterwards we began our lesson on Doctors and Nurses. The kids were all eager to share their own experiences, many of them recalling when they get shots at the doctor's office. I explained how doctor's help us when we are sick and help us from getting sick. Nurses have an important job too by checking our temperatures, weight and often they are the  ones that administer the dreadful needle into the arm or thigh. 

While browsing for ideas on this lesson I found this super fun doctors bag on preschooleducation.com. I was so excited for the kids to make their own doctor's bags today!

The outside of their bag
Inside their bags: q-tips, cottonball, band aid, gauze, "medicine" (we discussed that medicine is not CANDY!), tongue  and a compressor
Joey making his bag
Ellie and Trent gluing pieces onto their bag with Devynn's help
Finishing up the inside

When we were finished making the bags all the kids were able to dress up as doctors/ nurses. I set a Hospital (using the sign we learned about from last week's lesson) and even had nap mats out for gurnies. I think this was their favorite part! They all got into the role and did a great job making everyone "better".

DBP Staff

Had to take ...

just a few pictures...

so at least everyone is looking at the camera in 1!
 The Desert Blossoms Hospital:

Break room where Dr. Trynnity and Dr. Athena are busy matching all the medical cards.

We had some more Mm work mixed into to today's lessons. Here is our M sort of uppercase and lowercase M's.

 And making our M is for marshmallows. YUM! We had to set some aside for snack too.  It was another busy day. Can not wait for our adventures tomorrow!

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