Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Camp 1: 5 Senses

 We had a blast exploring our five senses this summer! 
The students stayed busy as there was much to do with this theme.
Sense of sight:  Making binoculars
 I spy books with magnifying glass.
 Making a braille alphabet. The glue dots make it "bumpy".
 Blindfold painting
 Using dot-to-dot paints to make our names in braille
 Predictable sentences: Using a chart I give the students the start of "I see..." and they fill in the blank. Later they use a pointers and say each word from left to right. 
We then draw a picture to match our words. This is a kindergarten standard in Arizona.
 What do you hear? Shaking eggs to guess what is inside.
 What do you smell? Each cotton ball has a scent that is soaked into it. The kids then take a whiff and decide if they like it or not and try to guess what the smell is. 
Needless to say, the kids do NOT like the way tobasco smells!
 Playing with orange kool-aid homemade playdough.
 Paper flowers scented with body spray.
 Taste test: salt verses sugar, semi sweet chocolate verses milk chocolate, 
sprite verses water, lemon verses apple
 Making our names and letters in shaving cream.
Homemade flubber (goo). "It's slimy Ms. Jaymee!" Gabe.


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