Monday, May 9, 2011

More About Cc

Letter: Cc
Theme: Spring
Review: sight words, colors and shapes

Whole Group Lessons:

 Spring sight word practice with I and a. We tracked from left to right using our pointer fingers and read each of the sentences. Then I had each student read to me. They did a wonderful job pointing to each word as they read and many were able to recognize our sight words!
 Cc is for caterpillar. We also watched a video on how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.
 Handwriting practice.
 Fine motor skill practice with geo boards and rubber bands. Chris is making shapes on his board and counting how many rectangles he made. We did this in whole group and in centers.
 Inspired by Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar book, we made thumb print caterpillars and then finger painted the fruit that they would eat.

Israel's caterpillar

C is for cookie- classic Sesame Street! 

 Math practice was counting with Cars. Each student had to count the number of Cars and match with the correct number.


 One of the read alouds this week was:
It went along great with Cc letter of the week. We also made our own cookies to go along with the story!

Tracing lines (WAY TO GO BOBBY! Holding his pencil CORRECTLY! I think this will also make the picture of the week:  )  



Devynn was home early in the afternoon's this week and helped with our afternoon exploration centers. Rose is identifying letters and using floam to make their shapes.

 Coloring Cars with Crayons:  )

 Playing Cars:
 Little People:
 Breakfast on the Patio:

Gabe LOVES his snack time!

A day at the Park:

 Shape sighting!
"Look ms. Jaymee, there's rectangles!" Chris.
And color sightings:
"I see pupa!" Elizabeth

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! The kids had a lot of fun preparing their special flowers for you all.

Ms. Jaymee's picture of the week:

We practice, practice, practice holding pencils, scissors, sitting at carpet time, story time, following directions, crossing the road, taking turns, it goes on. so when I catch a glimpse of a little one "getting it" it melts my heart. They all do their very best each and everyday. I love to see the grow and "BLOOM" !

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