Monday, May 2, 2011

Cc is for Caterpillar, cake, Cinderella, Chris

Letter of the Week: Cc
Math Objectives: Shape review
Theme: Spring
Review: sight words and letters (s, m, r , v, t, e) 

End of the year assessments are being conducted over the next couple of weeks. Therefore reading groups are postponed until each child has been tested.

Identify the lower case letter using mini clip. The clothes pins used help develop fine motor skills!

Shape books used in this week's lessons.

Welcome Spring Unit!
Whole Group Lessons:

Letter review- beginning sounds practice.

Elizabeth and Prestton working together to identify the sounds.

Completed by 2 YEAR OLDS!
Cutting Practice:

Water colors: 
(THANK YOU Ami B. for having this wonderful easel at your house! The preschoolers here LOVE it!)


Taking turns
Spring Time Poem fill in the blank- this was a bit challenging for most of the kids, but they still did a great job. They were able to show me what words were missing from their poem by pointing to the words on the classroom poem. Although they may not have been able to read all the words, they were able to count each word and identify what needed to come next. Many of them struggled with the formation of the letters, but again each one put forth amazing effort!

Adding Spring time stamp art to their papers. 
Various flowers, ladybugs, butterflies etc were used to enhance their poems. 
And, of course, scented stamp pads!
Sight word practice:
Color by number with the sight word like.

Elizabeth age 2
Letter Cc sensory introduction:
Playdough letter formations.
Trynnity age 4


Not sure about this!

Elizabeth's C

Prestton's C (age 2)

Early tot Practice with the letter Cc.  As you may notice with such age ranges and abilities, lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each child. Exposure to the letter of the week comes in MANY forms.

Tiny tot Cc

Big kid Tot letter Cc identification
Making our caterpillar out of the paper mache we did last week! We were inspired by the colors used in the story of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Number Writing practice:

For this lesson we listened to a Dr. Jean song about how to write the numbers 1-10.  The students used expo markers to practice their tracing formations.

Chris age 3
Finger painting fruit for our caterpillars!

Royal Wedding day celebration: 
I do not have a good quality camera, but even with how blurry a few of these are you can see how sweet the kids look dancing! Here they are mimicking the waltz from the scene in Cinderella where she dances with the prince at the ball.

DBP Royal subjects

Tea time:
Raspberry lemonade served in English Bone china and slices of fresh lemon cake.

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