Monday, February 14, 2011

V is for Valentine

Theme: Love
Letter: Vv
Number: 3
Shape: Heart
Color: Red

Books: Froggy's First Kiss, Biscuit's Valentine, Dear Bunny, The Night Before Christmas (E's book!), Cookie's Counting Book

Small Group Work:
Reading/ Writing Skills: 
Bellwork- name writing

We worked a lot with the letter V. The kids love doing their morning meeting and then head straight over to our table for our morning group work.

Tracing the letter V. 

Using mini cubes to fill in the letter V. 
Alisha is helping Chris and Trynnity cut V's out of playdough.
We also used the cookie cutters to find the other letters and numbers we have learned.

Math skills: 
We count everyday! This week we worked on identifying the number 3. 

Motor skills:

There are so many activities we do that overlap several learning objectives that we are working on. Each child is at a different level in their motor development. Therefore, if they have mastered a certain center, we concentrate on the recognition of the letter/ number/ color etc. 

This months "Love themed" sensory bin.
The kids were so excited to see our sensory bin for this month.
It will be out all month with different items added each week.
During the first week they do self exploration with the bin. It amazes me to watch all of them
sort, count, group, and play with all the various items.
We will do more teacher directed activities with this bin over the next couple of weeks.

Chris sorting pom poms from the sensory bin. 

Another sensory box that was a HUGE hit this week!
 Rice with various gem shapes.  The kids sift through the rice then sort the shapes by color, size and various shapes. 

Gabe digging for his treasures. 
Elizabeth counting her gems.

Beading works on eye/ hand coordination.
They can also do patterns, count and identify the colors they are working with. 
Chris counting, Gabe determined to get his beads on, and Prestton seeing how fast he can go. 
This Melissa & Doug puzzle has been a new favorite!
We can interchange the pictures and they have to match the color pegs.
On the backside is a black and white picture to create their own design/ pattern. 

Pouring practice. 

Art Projects:
Peeling heart stickers for their Valentine day bags for next week. 

I love that Chris counts everything!
He was also very thoughtful when placing his tissue pieces on his heart. 

Heart ornaments made from string, cornstarch and water. 

Trynnity loves getting messy when it comes to art projects!


Even during playtime Elizabeth was lining up the trees and counting them!

This is one of Gabriel's favorite! He likes placing the pegs in the foam board and counting each color.
We have started using the vocabulary of more and less.  Of course the kids think more is always better. 

Even at free choice, Prestton wanted to be in the sensory bin!
He is placing the lid on and off the heart container.
This was frustrating at first, but I think he has it mastered now.
Friday at Desert Blossoms is baking day!
This week we made button cookies in colors of red, pink and yellow. 

Elizabeth measures the butter.
Israel pours in the vanilla extract. 
Trynnity helps mix the dough. 
Prestton adding flour. 

Miss Jaymee's Picture of the week: 


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