Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a PARTY!

We had a blast for our first party at Desert Blossoms!  Granted it is the day after Valentine's day, but we had fun nevertheless.

The morning started off with cookie making.  The kids are becoming experts in the kitchen! They do very well taking turns, stirring and even help with measuring. Sadly I didn't get pictures of this activity this morning, but there are lots more after.

We then did our normal routine of morning meeting and did a small group lesson.

After that they had ANTS in their pants!

I pulled out the tray with marbles and paint and their eyes were wide as saucers.
"Yeah!!! I paint!" screamed Elizabeth.
And it did not take this lil crew long to figure out what to do.

Next up on the agenda: COOKIES! 
Each child had their own decorating icing (I already knew there would be lots of tasting!) and I placed the sprinkles in the center.  They were so intense on getting all the "right stuff" on their cookie. Gabe made me laugh because his first look was more of a "Really???! I get to play with this AND eat it?"

As you all can imagine, they needed to run off some energy. So we went on our heart hunt outside and did recess before lunch. Surprisingly, they all drifted off fast to sleep at nap time. But the fun continued when they awoke.

I set up Valentine Centers for the kids to go to.  They still like to be on a schedule even on a party day!

Eating Apple Jacks...

Counting Apple Jacks

Matching the Love Bugs

Color Sorting Sweet Tart Hearts

What the kids had to say about these sweet/ tart/ sour candies:

"MMMM.... good!" Elizabeth.

(Growling) "YEAH!" Pestton.

"Yeah! Taste like colors!" Chris.

"Taste yummy. Sour..." Trynnity.

"Yummy! Yummy in my tummy!" Gabe.

 At the end if the day they took home their Valentine bags. I absolutely LOVE these bookmarks Amy (aka Elizabeth's mom) made!!! Too adorable.

Happy Valentine's Day DB Families!

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  1. The marble and paint activity looked like fun! Wish I could have been there for that one...

  2. So much fun at DBP for Valentines Day. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for St. Pats day or Easter!



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