Friday, April 1, 2011

March 21-25

After a full week of break, we jumped right back into our routine here at DBP.  My big girls, Baylee and Devynn, were still were on their Spring Break and often helped us during the week. The little ones LOVED having the one on one attention. And I loved having them here with us.

Letter: Review Rr
Number: 4
Sight Word: the 

Whole Group Lessons:

Rr handwriting practice
Day dreaming of her own rainbows!
Hard at work...
... and hard at not wanting to do work! Prestton was saying vRRRRoommm...
Counting and identifying "more" and "less"
Baylee helping Trynnity with her math

The kids had to identify the number and count out the clips to match. The clips also help their fine motor skills.
Making our Cat in the Hat hats.

This week we worked with floam and our cut out letters.
Color identification with Twister Hopscotch  (not sure why my pictures are not rotating!)
We later used the rings for sorting our color cards
Upper and lower case match up
"It goes here Bi-bef" Prestton.
ABC sound match

Shape sorting
See and spell puzzles
Gabe looking for the P
Elizabeth practicing with the See and Spell; she is saying "Cow goes moo!"

Catch a Fish: color sorting and ordering numbers 1-5

Devynn working on colors with Israel
ABC bus that says the letter and the sound
Tracing letters
Free Choice:

Not exactly free choice, but they REALLY love their snack time!

Hot Wheels Town

 This week, the floam was a FAVORITE free choice pick! If you would like to get some for your DBP little one, the cheapest I have found it was on Amazon. Click here for details.

Reading Groups:
Cutting practice; Rr pictures

Working on sounds
Rr stamping

 Ms. Jaymee's Picture of the Week:

Elizabeth at nap time

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