Monday, March 7, 2011

President's Day, Rodeo & Dental Awareness

No letter this week
Reviewed: my, S, M & V 
Math: Counting, identifying numbers and shapes

Desert Blossoms had 2 full days of school this week! But what a BUSY 2 days it was. The Rodeo was just around the corner so we watched a few short videos on bull riding and bucking broncos. Next up we made our Wanted Posters and did rope names. : 


And of course a cowboy/ girl needs a good ol' western vest!
We cut out our vest from brown paper bags and added a splash of color. 

Pin the tail on the horse:

Their favorite part was getting spun around with the blind fold on. Everyone helped with the counting and Chris was our winner! 
Even with a short week upon us, we did a bean sensory bin. What a mess this one made, but we did a lot with this one! Counting, sorting by size/ color/ shape, and spooning/ pouring into various containers. 

During our reading groups we worked more with identifying the sight word "my".  
Our Terrific Tots used tactile letters to make the word my:

The Tremendous Toddlers are working on their tracking skills; reading from left to right. As we do a share reading (reading together and everyone has a copy of the text) the kids have to identify, read and circle the word my

For math this week we focused on numbers and shapes (counting is done EVERY day for a variety of activities). I pulled out the geo boards and allowed the kids to use the rubber bands to create their own shapes. It was amazing to see them make the shapes and then take their blue boards to the poster on our calendar wall to see what shape they had made! They then had conversations among themselves discussing what it is they were making. 
"I made a red square guys! Look! You wanna try?"

"Look Chris, it's a twi-angle!"
"I making shapes."

To wrap up our Rodeo day we made Root Beer floats and the desert Blossoms Salon!
Yeehaw Y'all!

On Wednesday we celebrated Presidents Day. We watched two short clips on Brain Pop Jr. about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The kids are really enjoying our computer time lately and have been great at learning the rules for the lap top. 

This led into our lesson of coins and identifying the presidents on real money. 
At home help: practice saying what the name of the coins are. So far we have done quarters and pennies. 
There is also a cute song by Dr. Jean that is about coins. Here are some the lyrics:

(Tune: Frere Jacques)

Penny, nickle, dime
Penny, nickle, dime
Quarter, half dollar, 
Quarter half dollar,
Penny, nickle, dime 
Penny, nickle, dime
Quarter, half dollar
Quarter, half dollar

Our craft was making an Abraham Lincoln face:

For fun we made forts in the classroom! This was a big hit!!!!! Each child had a "house" and took the beans we had been sorting with earlier to make "dinner" at their house. I LOVE watching them do pretend play. Their minds are just an abyss of imagination. 


Our new FAVORITE toy is this wood cutting set from Melissa & Doug. It's great for counting, beginning fractions and identifying colors/ describing irregular shapes.   We used this in centers both days. And some how I did not get a picture of the little ones using it! But I did come across this after school on Tuesday!

The food...
and even the "big" kids love it!

Identifying the lower case letter to match the uppercase letter.

Sorting by grouping things that are alike.
Notice the tweezers next to her? Yep, should be using those for fine motor.
Can't be perfect 100% of the time:  ) 

As a side note I want to thank all of you for your support last week. I missed the kids a ton! We are all so happy to be back on track and have spotted an Leprechaun in our class room! So much fun to be green at Desert Blossoms. Please check the side bar for important dates and fun activities. 

*Just a reminder that next week (March 14-18) is Spring Break* 

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